Updated: Referral bonus at $40 until Nov. 18.

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Hi everyone, 




If you have friends who were interested in joining our community, now is the perfect time to invite them to use your referral code. With the referral bonus now at $40 instead of the usual $25, you’ll be making your wallet, and theirs, very happy.  




Updated: November 18 is the cut-off date. 


What goes up, must come down. Past November 18, 2020, your friends can still use your code, but the referral bonus will be back to $25. No exceptions. So, this means that for a mobile plan, your friends must activate their Fizz SIM card by that date, and for a Home Internet plan, subscribe and choose their installation appointment.  




Friendly reminder: no referral code spamming. 


If you wish to share your referral code on the Community Hub, this is the place, in this post. Other conversations sharing referral codes will be deleted. 




As always, thank you! 




The Fizz team. 



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    Thank you!
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