Interuptions of wi-fi on my iphone?

Lyudmyla Posts: 16 ✭✭
My mobile is cutting my Whatup conversations while I am at home using Wi-fi which is connected to Fizz internet. What to do?


  • Evan Z.
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    I think Mike has a good first start of where you should looking.
    A couple of things to add, when you attempt that solution, try connecting to the 2.4ghz broadcast, and not the 5ghz. the 5ghz signal is much faster but because the band is 'thicker' it has a hard time going through objects to reach your device. So what you may experience are drops, while it tries connecting to the 2.4ghz signal.
    2.4ghz is fast enough for mobile phones and has much greater coverage.
    WiFi cutting out can be a number of other things, one of which is also based on your household usage (number of devices connected simultaneously) or interference from other devices. Namely if you live in an apartment complex, with lots of other signals around you. Linus talks about this at 2:40. hope this helps some.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Lyudmyla,
    As Mike suggested you can try to disable the band steering and follow the steps from the FAQ provided.
    Please contact us if the situation persists. Our contact methods are to be found over the link
    Have a great day!
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