Overwhelmed at the opportunities to earn rewards/cashback. How do I make the most of Fizz?

I'm a new member and a little overwhelmed with how to begin my fizz journey. How do you gain referral codes? how do I get free data/rewards? Any resources on how to make the most of my Fizz membership? Any advice is appreciated.


  • Mike
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    For the referral code, start sharing your code with familly and friend
    For the points in order to gain points therefore bonus take a look on the image
  • Best is to be active in the community by asking questions like you did and answering others questions. Gifting data to friends also helps!
  • Whizz
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    Hi Nikita,
    As a new member you can use 1 referral code which you can get from an already active member.
    You can add the referral code at the very end of the subscription process, in the entry titled Referral on the page of the order summary for your very 1st plan created on the account.
    Make sure to click on the green button next to it to apply the code!
    This will give you and the person from whom you got the code a 25$ discount on your 3rd monthly payment.
    More information on this can be found here:
    You get the free Data perks/upgrades and other rewards by simply being an active member in the community:
    Have a good one!
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    4 month for this question, whizz can you please close it.
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