SMS doesn't work between 2 fizz users?

I can send SMS to people who are *not* FIZZ users (fido, videotron etc) without any problems, and so can my daughter (who is on my fizz plan), but when we text each other (SMS), it doesn't work. If we want to text, one of us has to be connected to WiFI. If we are both on data, or just on regular plan (unlimited text), it doesn't work. But she can text other people and so can I.
Is there a known problem related to fizz users texting to each other?

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  • Lieux
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    Congratulations Catherine!!
  • Wow! Yay! Thanks for posting what worked in the end. Happy texting!
  • Weird. What’s your phone type?
  • It should work! It’s weird!!
  • Nope, Sorry...
  • Hello!

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  • Try to contact technical support.
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