Did my Fizz Modem/Router really just die?

So I decided to try Fizz after being with Teksavvy for 13 years and it's not going well so far...
Since joining Fizz in June I've had regular disconnects and below 1mb speeds. My Fizz Modem/Router arrived with the word "PreLoved" on it. Meaning refurbished I gather. It had quite a few scratches as well so I get it's been handled quite a bit.
Today it got really bad so I decided it was time to contact chat support. Chat support went through what I assume is standard troubleshooting, although we were never able to get the speed to an acceptable level. My plan is 30/10 but after all our effort I was at best getting 8mb down / 10 up. That's with all wifi disabled in the Modem settings and only one desktop wired connection.
Shortly after ending chat support the speed dropped to around 1mb down. A little after that, it seems to have completely died...
Only the green light comes on. The first two lights below the green are a veeeery very faint blue.
Does this sound like a dead Fizz modem/router?
So frustrating... My confidence in Fizz is feeling quite low right now. A technician is scheduled for Wednesday which is a long time considering I work remotely and won't be able to.


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    Hello Brad,
    I have verified, and you've managed to contact us yesterday via Live Chat.
    Please contact us back if you have any other questions.
    We are available between 8 am and 9 pm everyday or any time at https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us
    Thank you, have a great day!
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