Data sharing?

Stanley M.
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If i have 6 days left for a 1 gb rollover and i gift it to a friend does he get a full 30 days of data or data until his next billing cycle?


  • Mike
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    Yes if you are gifting the monthly data, he will get 30 days from his next billing cycle therefore a bit more

    Here a link

    Gifted data is valid until the end of the recipient’s payment cycle that follows the cycle during which the data was gifted. For example, say I receive gifted data on May 15, but my payment cycle ends on May 27. That gifted data will therefore be valid up until the end of my next payment cycle on June 27th.
  • Fizzy
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    Hi Stanley,

    Unfortunately you cannot gift data that is about to expire. So rollover data cannot be gifted.
    Only data from your current month/billing cycle can be gifted. Also Perks if you have them, can be gifted.

    Logon to your account and try the gifting option to see for yourself.
  • Alexandre P. 40143
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    Sorry don’t have some left
  • Anne-laure F.
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    Hello Stanley !
    Data already rolled over cannot be gifted. If you don't use it, your rollover will just lost when the date is expired.
    You can only gift data from your current paid plan. Not the bonus, not the rollover.
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