Haven't received my SIM ?

I placed my order on Juin 4th and today is juin 15th and still haven't received my SIM, there is any way that some can tell if I will receive it any sooner ?


  • Mike
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    Please note that Canada Post, one of our delivery partners, informed us to expect delays up to 5 days in SIM cards deliveries in the Montreal region. Please check the partner's delivery tracking for further details.

    You can see the status of all your Fizz orders in your Order history.

    1- Log into your account and go to My profile.
    2- Click on Order history / See details.
    3- Click on the shipping number to see on the carrier’s website the details of your delivery.
    4- If there’s any inconsistency with the delivery information you see, contact the carrier directly.

    If the carrier cannot help you, contact us using the chat bubble located in the lower right-hand corner of this FAQ during our business hours so we can open a ticket for this issue.
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    Hello Marcelo,
    I've just sent you a private message.
    Enjoy your day!
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