My appointment for moving my modem got cancelled. How do I get another one as soon as possible?

Karim G. #24158
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Hello there,
I just moved and realised the status of my apointment planned for today was at cancelled. How do I contact a human working for fizz as soon as possible so we can find a plan b? I need to have access to internet to work from home on monday.
As anyone ever been in this situation?


  • Sylvieb
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    Hello Karim,
    Now that the problem is corrected can you please choose your best answer to close your blog. Have a good day
  • SuperFizzeur
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    Hi Karim! :) Thanks for your wonderful question! :)
    In your case, i suggest to reach a Fizz support rep by clicking the green chat bubble available in your account dashboard or by facebook under the name "Fizz".
    It's been a pleasure to assist you today, if you have furthers questions i'm here to answer!
    Have a great day and don't hesitate to mark my answer as the best. :)
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