I have no internet in the Saint Lambert area since 10 am, any help ?

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8 hours without service, pay is due in 13 days so that's not the reason, are you working in this area?
modem has the third light blinking


  • vanigh
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    I'm In Ville St Laurent and Fizz internet is fine...
  • Takion
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    first of all this is a user forum so we are users like you if resetting the modem and checking the cables still do not solve the issue the you should contact tech support
  • MichelP
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    Maybe, there is a breakdown in your area or a problem with your coaxial câble...
    Please, contact the Fizz customer service by chat to know more about your unfonctinal internet connection.
    Chat with Fizz is available from 8h00 to 21h00 each day.
    First, connect you to your Fizz account.
    Then types this adress:
    Wait a few seconds until you see the green chat bubble down to the right of the page.
    When you see it, click on it.
    Your chat session with Fizz begins.
  • Whizz
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    Hello RC,
    Apologies for the encountered issue.
    I have verified your modem and it appears as offline in our tools. Can you please unplug the modem from the power outlet and verify if the coaxial cable is tightly screwed in on both ends? Once done so, please do plug the modem in a different power outlet. I have verified the grid in your area and there are no registered issues that could affect you. A few more helpful tips can be found on the link Mike has provided along with the chat bubble if the issue will still not be solved.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Have a good day.
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