The Technician checked my cable but I don't think it works right?

Even though I test my internet speed the test is good but the buffering and loading of videos is unstable even after upgrading my speed and controlling the amount of media is connected to internet.


  • Ohhh reallyi?
  • Hi Sarah!
    In this case i suggest you to contact fizz, u can contact fizz by facebook under the name fizz or by clicking the green chat bubble available in your account dashboard.
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  • Fizzy
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    Hi Sarah,

    Are you connecting to the modem via ethernet cable or wifi?

    If you are using wifi, you should check via ethernet cable to confirm whether your internet is working properly. If the problem happens only with wifi, you can check here:

    If the problem happens again, you can run a speedtest to confirm your results. If your modem has not been restarted for many days, you can try rebooting it.
  • TheMMc
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    If internet works your cable works I think your problem is more related to a low internet plan (can be too much devices on your network at the same time or you download a lot (netfix in 4k youtube, etc)) or the network can struggle in your region too. You can contact fizz via the chat to check what is the problem. It can also be the netflix server that struggle to deliver your content because too much people watch Netflix at the same time.
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