Wifi no service to my router.

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I contacted fizz yesterday morning and was told there is a technical issue in my area and they had a tech in the field. Yet I'm on day 2 without any way to connect to my home internet. Is there any faster way to solve this issue. I've tried unplugging for a minute to reboot. I've tried disconnecting every wire I've tried following the wire to its source and yet have come up with no solutions. And empty words of we are working on your issue


  • Ajmasta
    Ajmasta Posts: 5
    The only light that comes on is the power light and a faint light comes from the upload download spot but that's it and even connected to my computer with wired connecting is giving no wifi connection. I've contacted customer support 2 days in a row and I just keep being told they have a tech working on it
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    By faint light, do you mean those lights are blue?

    If yes, then your internet should be working. Try connecting your device by ethernet cable directly to the modem.

    If Fizz tells you that they have a tech working on it, can they be more specific about the issue? Is everyone in your area affected? Or is it just your place? Hopefully you will get some answers to better know when your internet will be working.
  • Leonard_G
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    So if I understand : you have a computer wired to the modem (with ethernet cable) and you don't have internet acces on this computer either, right?

    In that case the problem is not the wifi but internet arriving to your home. Maybe the Vidéotron cable used by Fizz has been damage.

    In that case, you can do nothing... except to ask some neighbor is you can use their wifi.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Ajmasta,
    Apologies for the unpleasant situation.
    I have verified once again in my tools and the issue regarding our internet grid still persists. Our technicians are working on this matter to solve it as soon as possible and sadly there is no way for the services to be restored meanwhile.
    Once this will be corrected, the internet connection should be restored automatically.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Have a good day.
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