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Hi everyone, 




Have you been to your community profile page lately? Probably not, but we won’t hold it against you . Let’s face it, it’s not a popular destination. Well, pack your bags (ok, maybe not) and head over there now. We added some new badges that are pretty awesome, as well as STATS. 




Now mind you your stats will only show if you’ve been a community member for at least one calendar year. So, if you joined the community in 2019, we have stats for you. If you joined in 2020, you’ll have to be patient and wait to next year. 




Bringing your profile to life is for us a way to highlight the many contributions you make to the community. See it as a token of our appreciation, one of many things we’re working on behind the scenes to continuously improve the community portion of your overall Fizz experience.  




The Fizz team. 




  • EdmTrance
    EdmTrance Posts: 2,845
    Look cool! Thanks
  • Alex_L
    Alex_L Posts: 177
    That's nice
  • Kurt V.
    Kurt V. Posts: 351
    Check that out next year
  • Cool, just noticed those! Any new badges planned for the near future?
  • Thank you for the update
  • JoanMr
    JoanMr Posts: 330
    Thanks Fizz :)
  • oberon
    oberon Posts: 88
    Everyone appreciates a badge.
  • Brandon Y.
    Brandon Y. Posts: 13

    As a stat person, i'm glad for this !

  • Dgjf
    Dgjf Code de référence/Referral code: BS7M5Posts: 3,007

    Another old thread who as ressurected ? Why ?

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