You gift data. We gift food.

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Hi everyone, 




How are you doing? Pretty sure we’ll all agree that times are tough. This pandemic is putting us to the test. But Fizz members are known for helping out each other, and now more than ever, we’d like to put this out there.  




Some of you have extra mobile data. Others need data. And among the general population, some have trouble getting food to their table. So here’s our plan: 




Until May 10, for each GB gifted among members, Fizz will donate $1 to the organization Regroupement Partage, an organization that makes sure food is delivered to people in need. 



We have up to $50,000 to donate. That means 50,000 GB of gifted data. Are you up for the challenge? A special badge along with 25 bonus My Rewards points will be handed out to all Fizz members who will gift data during operation #datafeedscommunities. 




So log into your account, and start gifting your extra data! 




Thanks in advance, 




The Fizz team 




P.S. To find Fizz members to offer your data or flag your data needs, make your way to the Facebook group Data sharing. You can also raise your hand right here in this conversation thread. 


  • EdmTrance
    EdmTrance Posts: 2,781
    Why fizz don't give food without data sharing?
    Everybody need food!
    I think it's not good!
  • EdmTrance
    EdmTrance Posts: 2,781
    Oh it's 24 may!
    Whizz? Fizz will continue to donate a second time?
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