Hey you little fizzers, you all having a great night?

Im feeling quite happy and I wanted to share, so you can take as much joy as you want from me, I have so much!!!
You can view this as a Perk that I'm giving away. Today I'm giving away HEARTS
I see two reasons to all this hapiness:
1. Yesterday my modem was disconnected (by my fault) and with the so very helpful tips on the Community, I was able to connect back on my own.
2. Having a brand new grand son (my 1st one) is a very powerful feeling!!! He's been declared the all time, most beautyful baby of the universe. Sorry if you were hoping to get that position


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    Hello Carole09,
    Thank you for the kind gesture. Seems like no one has replied to this post. Also congratulation on your grandson! :D
    I will have to close this post, but if you still wish to offer, feel free to look around the community.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Have a lovely day.
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