Problem with fizz customer service?

Last week I wanted to change my plan from 8gb to 1gb of data, before my next payment cycle started (today). There was a technical issue on the website, it was saying I couldn’t make changes past 02.29.2020. I informed customer service and they told me they submitted a ticket and that I should get an email when it’s fixed so I can change my plan. No response until today, of course. My next payment cycle started. I asked if the agent could possibly make the change to my plan anyways, which she could not. Okay, can you provide me with a reimbursement on my next bill for the data I didn’t wish to pay for but was forced due to an error on fizz’s website? Can you provide me with any sort of credit or compensation for the money I did not want to spend? She just kept repeating the same information about how she couldn’t change the plan because the payment cycle started. My question is, is there seriously NOTHING fizz can offer to me for this situation which I very clearly had no fault in and lost money? Has anyone else experienced a similar issue where fizz refused to give them any sort of compensation for an issue that was fizz’s fault? Thanks.


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