Number port out issues?

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Hello, I have an account with fizz that I want to port out. I first tried porting out to Zoomer Wireless since March 20 without any success. I gave them my account number and my IMEI, none of the methods work to port out. I tried with Bell prepaid today and even they are having issues...Fizz FB support says my account does not have any blocks and my account is average (QC coverage). I also have an old account from December 2018 that I unsubscribed from back in January 2019 because network was unstable, that account still shows my current number but it says the account is cancelled. My new account is also the same number with an active plan.
I don't want to lose this number since I've had it for about 10 years, but it seems impossible to port out from Fizz. I've tried with 2 carriers and surely it's a problem with Fizz, so what is going on? Can you cancel my other inactive plan that shows my current number? Is that what is causing the issue??
Both carriers say that the port didn't work and there are no reasons behind it, the Bell tech guy found it weird today so he escalated it.


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    Sorry I have no idea
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    Hello Nafiz,
    Checking your account I can see that you've contacted our support department and they've provided you the answer related to your situation.
    If the situation persists or you need updates or encounter any other situations, don't hesitate to contact us by following the FAQ
    Have a nice day!
    Nicolae Bogdan
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