Dear Fizz, about the perks (or other datas) we end up losing because of the chronological order of c

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I don't need answers about the order or about the protocol. I know how it works. 


What I would like is a clear answer from a Whizz about why is it like this and if it could be change for a protocol that would be less frustrating


As you can clearly see in the screen capture, sometimes, we end up losing perks or data because of the order in which they are used... 


Could it be possible that this could be change? That once things (perks/gifts/rollovers/bonuses) are activated/received/ they would just go in other of the least days left ? 


Is there something I don't get about why this would not be possible? 


I chatted with a representative already about this issue and he was also thinking that this is a little bit "weird" and unpleasant for costumers. 


And as for you guys? Do you have tricks or something you calculate for the right time to activate perks/receiving gifts? 


Sometime, a perk is about to expire so you must activate it...but you end up losing it anyways... 


Again, I would really like to know from Fizz if changes to the actual order of data consumption is something we could hope for in the futur?




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    Hello Isabelle,
    Thank you for your question.
    I would like to inform you that I've just opened a ticket on your account and I addressed this situation further to our technical team. I asked them to inform us if the different data buckets (that are related to your mobile plan ) are consumed in the right order on your account. As soon as we'll have an update on your ticket, we'll notify you immediately via the email associated with your account.
    Have a good one!
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