Fizz raising prices according to

Apparently prices will increase by 1 dollar for unlimited talk and 1 dollar on 1g and 2g plans but decrease 1dollar for higher gig plans. Has anyone heard anything about this, I know they're supposed to notify us 30 days on advance just curious if anyone knows anything?


  • no, i will wait for an official info from fizz
  • i see no change for 4gb plan, that mean that this is the most popular plan :)
  • Anyone have that "" article link? Thanks!
  • Interesting how Fizz' prices are crawling closer to the major mobile vendors :-(

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    Thank for this new... I just wait and see !!!
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    Here is the link for this info -
    As already mentioned, it only applies for new subscribers. Fizz never increased prices for old customers.
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    These are the change that we had at the beginning of the month
  • I hope Fizz will notify us if there are some changes.
  • Oh no. Hope that this will not become a pattern of increasing plans often to get to the price of the competition.
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    Fizz did mention back in 2019 that the cell plan prices will be increasing in early 2020.


    If you have not received a 30 day notice regarding any price change, then it is likely the new pricing applies only to new customers or customers who want to change their plan. If you keep the plan you have, your pricing remains unchanged.

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