Moving into a new home. Ex-owner uses FIZZ, I also want Fizz. How will the installation work?

Hi all,
I'm moving into a new home end of Feb. The ex-owner uses Fizz, I'm also interested in using Fizz. There's already an installation (model and internet equipment). Do i still need to ask for a new installation?


  • Hi,
    I would do exactly what MichelP has recommended. Schedule your appointment online and be present when the technician comes (give yourself +/- 30 minutes from set time). Most likely you will have to have new equipment and I would recommend this anyways. There is no lease fee and you only have to give it back after you are no longer a customer.
    And of course, use someone's referral code to get your $25 refund. My referral code is J3CL1.
    Best of luck! So far I've had good experience with them!
  • Thomas T. #6903
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    Just book an appointment and also use a referral code to get 25$ off.
    It doesn't change anything if the last owner was also from Fizz since the installation process is included in the price.
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