My payment method doesn’t work?

They refuse my payment method and all my information are right


  • Martin
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    Try to input the postal code different way (caps and space)
  • Meowth
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    Wow listen to Fling he knows everything!
  • MichelP
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    In your Fizz account:
    You must submit a valid credit card (only) : Visa, Mastercard or Visa-Debit.
    Foreign credit card and American express are not accepted.
    If you need more assitance, communicate with the Fizz support by chat online (8h00 to 21h00).
    The adress is:
  • I personally communicate with them by messenger, that’s what works best for me if I have an issue.Good luck!
  • Please change card and try again
  • Kevin .
    Kevin . Posts: 50
    Hi, so did it work...If not join Fizz by messenger plz
  • Check if the card that you added is linked as the default card for your plan. Otherwise try adding a new card or contact support.
  • Gualberto
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    Speak with tjem
  • BeGood
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    Did you resolve your Problem ? Come back to us and tell what you did, Thank's
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