A few quick answers to frequently asked questions about the Community Hub and its points.

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Hi everyone,


We've been seeing a lot of chatter around how community points are earned and distributed, and we’d like to clarify a few things. Hopefully the Q&A below will answer the questions you might have, and address any false rumours that might be going around. 



How are points earned in the Community Hub?

Points are assigned based on the frequency of your activities in the Community Hub, and certain specific actions you complete, such as sending kudos to another member or answering a question will also earn you points. Our point system was developed using a secret algorithm to keep things fun, but also to prevent anyone from gaming the community. 


Learn more about the conditions and guidelines that apply when you participate in the Community Hub:


Are the points I earn in the Community Hub (including community challenges) transferred to my Fizz My Rewards account?

No. You have two separate buckets of points:

1.   One bucket with the points you earn in the Community Hub. Think of these as notoriety points.

2.   The other bucket is in your Fizz account, under My Rewards.


Now with that being said, you’ll be happy to know that some actions in the Community Hub are taken into consideration by your Fizz account, and you may therefore earn My Rewards points for these.



Why aren't all the points earned in the Community Hub sent to my Fizz account under My Rewards?

In the spirit of all-around fairness, we built in a few rules and limitations, one of them being separation between both point buckets. As the Fizz community evolves, having a process and a point algorithm that are different when compared to My Rewards gives us flexibility. This is important for now, and the long-term. It also allows us to keep things fun, and make the community as inviting as possible for our members.   



Will the way in which points are earned in the Community Hub change in the future?

As you know, Fizz is constantly evolving to make sure we become the provider you’ve always dreamed of, and the community is no different. The process and point algorithm are on our radar, so we can keep things interesting for you. 



Can we expect more challenges and features to launch on the Community Hub?

Of course you can! Stay tuned, we are working on a few new features, and we have other exciting things we’re looking at.  



If you have any other questions about the Community Hub, you can visit the Solution Hub. Or, feel free to ask. We’ll do our best to answer as quickly as possible.


Have a great one!



The Fizz team


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