I can't hotspot my laptop

I can't hotspot my laptop from my phone. It works for everyone else except for me and my fizz friends.
i take my iPhone 6s, the same phone, chenge my SIM card Fido, it is work, but with Fizz, it is not wrok no longer.
Fizz service is real bad !
more than that, Fizz steal my data, i have 12G ( 4G+4G+this month 4G ), in a week, that is gone, but i never use like that.
The big bizzar that today ( 2020-01-28 00:48:00 ) i verify my count, just in 48 mins, my data est lost 2.5G, but i never use my phone, that is real horrific, and they do not give anythings how my data use !


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    Hope you will find this useful!
    For your Data loss, make sure your phone doesn't have something in the background running or eating your data.
    I had a similar issue, i had my Dropbox synchronizing over data. Make sure you iCloud is not doing the same.
    For your data, you can also check if your data didnt expire in your usage under my account.
    For the Hotspot, is your internet working on your phone? Is your PC able to connect to your phone? Make sure your APN settings is well set, i m hotspotting my friends and it s perfectly working. https://fizz.ca/en/faq/what-are-fizz-network-settings-apn
    Good luck!
  • Check the APN settings
  • This solved ?
  • Keep us posted if you find the issue!
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