Phone and TV provider for those with Fizz Internet?

redhead Brossard, QuébecPosts: 753

I have always stayed with one telecom company for Home Phone, Internet, and TV service. Most of the time, I was Videotron (Fizz mother company) but now with Bell for the past ten months. My great prices (one year promo) ends in March so I am looking for options.

My question: for those of you who use Fizz Internet, who are your TV and home phone providers? Note that:

  • I live in Brossard, Québec.
  • We have two HD TVs (no 4K), each with the new Apple TV.
  • I need at least one PVR with a basic TV channels such as Radio-Canada, TVA, Global, CTV, ABC, CBS, and NBC + another receiver (or streaming device capability) for second TV.
  • For now, I am not interested in installing an antenna on the roof of the house.
  • For now, I am not interested in VOIP since I need a fixed landline for residential alarm and young kids talking to their friends.

Any advice?


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