Why does FIZZ have such a low rating on Google?

After having nothing but excellent service with FIZZ (and based on the comments and awesome community vibe that I feel in this forum) it seems strange to me that FIZZ has a rating of only 2.9/5 on google reviews. It also has under 400 reviews! I think it would benefit all of us if this rating was higher(referral code wise) not to mention that the more users FIZZ has the more perks they will be able to give all of us. That being said, I know i have left a nice 5 star review since my experience has been nothing short of amazing and I hope that you all take a minute to do the same if your experience has been the same as mine!


  • SW_Sk8
    SW_Sk8 Posts: 95
    A lot of people only give ratings when they encountered a poor experience, seldom do people go out of their way to give a good rating when they encounter a positive experience. I for am very happy with Fizz and gave them 5 stars.
  • I've noticed there is a rating on Google... especially for a mobile phone carrier...
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