How to switch from Chattr to Fizz

I want to opt for a fizz plan and I have my sim card from Chattr. How to make that possible.


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    You can't take your chattr card, you'll have to buy a Fizz sim card
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    You should order a fizz mobile card and activate it. Unfortunately, you cannot use fizz plan with other sim cards. However, you can transfer the phone number to fizz which means you can still use your old phone number. If you need a referral code, mine is 7LCGC :)
  • You’ll have to order a new SIM card from Fizz
  • You will need to order a new SIM card from Fizz.I suggest that you have it delivered to your work place or a relative home address if you live in an appartement building because some people in that case get their SIM card stolen; it’s a common issue.
    If you need a code,just press on my name on my answer and send me a message.
    You will enjoy Fizz!
  • Hi Nouredine,


    Do you want to keep the same phone number that you had with Chatr or you don't care and just want to sign up with Fizz?


    If you want to keep your phone number, you just order the Fizz SIM and when activating you will pick the option to transfer a number. In this case you don't need to cancel your other service, it will be automatic.


    Otherwise, just cancel your service with Chatr and activate normally when you receive the SIM.

    If you decide to sign up, make sure to use a referral code for a $25 discount! Mine is E6V3F.

  • MichelP
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    First order a sim card from Fizz.
    Then , when you will receive it 2,3 days later,
    Activate this sim card, choose a Fizz plan and switch your tel. number from ChatR.
    To do this, get in hand your number account from ChatR and the IMEI of your phone (15 digits).
    It will take maximum of 1 or 2 hours to get fonctional this new plan with Fizz.
    Enjoy Fizz!
  • You have to order a Sim card from Fizz. You can port your number (most times - unless Chater says no) so your friends can still reach you... with out having to send out a mass txt.
    plans are changeable but only apply once a month so keep that in mind
    And we are here as a Community to help each other along
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    Here's a video from Fizz on YouTube that explain how it works:
  • Order a fizz sim, then activate it.
  • TheMMc
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    The transfert option will be offert at you when you will activate your sim!
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