Roaming in Toronto

I am local to Ottawa. Roaming to Cornwall and Brockville works fine on FIZZEXT. Continue down the highway to Toronto and no data even though it says FIZZEXT.
I checked: Roaming is on. Rebooted phone. Checked mobile APN. Data under limit with no blocking when at limit. All good.
Need solution.


  • Mike
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    Do you have a Canada coverage?
  • Leifuer
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    maybe try to contact Fizz as soon as possible is the quickest way to solve.

    Good luck!
  • If you have a plan Québec/Canada, it should be working. Communicate with them by messenger, that’s what works best for me.
  • Do you have Canada coverage or Quebec only?
  • You need Canada coverage to Do that.
  • Canada coverahe. Change the plan.
  • MichelP
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    First condition to work:
    You need a Canada coverage in your plan.
  • Sounds like you have Quebec only coverage. You will need to change it to Canada coverage in order to use it in other provinces. Also, I think that the changes will only take place on your next billing cycle if you do it now.
  • Please come back and update this when you find a solution. I go to Toronto a lot and want to make sure my phone works there. thanks.
  • I have Canada wide coverage. Went back and forth while in Toronto with Fizz support for a couple days. They even got me to remove the existing APN and enter a new one. Nothing worked. 3 days in Toronto with no data fix exhausted my patients. I am now waiting for a deal from another provider. When tech support cannot fix the problem, time to move on.
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