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We, the Fizzer, come here to find information very often. I notice that there is a function called "Featured". However, I found it probably only for Mod, not everyone. It could be better and nice for Fizzer to select Featured Post. Sometimes, I need to find interesting / important information for me; but I have to either search relative topics or check page-by-page (even search topics, we still have to check one-by-one). I am thinking if we can setup our Featured Post, then it is very easy to find the right one. Does anyone here agree? Say "Yes" or give the kudo if you agree. I know Fizz is busy working on some urgent matter; but just one idea to make them more work in the future.


  • sman
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    Do you really believe that kudos are given because you like the answer or because you need to give 20 to have the points
    Giving this feature to us, it will be meaning messing up
    This kind of tools must be only use from moderators, this if we are talking for the general pourpres.
    If you talk only for your personal use, you can still create bookmarks in your browser
  • redhead
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    Agree with the proposal, sort of like "pinning" the most requested questions and answers.
  • Yes Good idea!
  • Hao7
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    Sorry, but I do not care about the points. Somebody is lazy, like me, do not want to type a lot every day. I just like watch, and sometimes, give kudo for the one I like. I did lots of activities at the beginning, but stopped because, like I said, I am lazy. Everyday give 20 points? Ya, that's too much clicks.
    Featured option will be messed up? Maybe, but not for me. I like everything organized to be able to find them easily next time.
  • yup, sounds like a good idea.
  • It would be a great... Feature !
  • Yes, good idea. I would like to see what Whizz thinks about this.
  • Thanh S.
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    Great discussion going on. I like the idea !
  • im agree, yes
  • Thanh S.
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    Please close this
  • Gualberto
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    I like the idea !
  • Meowth
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    Great idea! :) Kudos to you
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