Im tired of WAITING.

I rescheduled my appointment VIA CHAT and now its been marked AS MISSED for the SECOND time......... Ive been waiting over 10 days for service. The first time he came he wouldn't install the cables and told contact fizz. Fizz told me the install man was supposed to wire the cables yet he leaves???? The second time im waiting all day after work. Fml if it's "missed" again I don't want your lame service.


  • You should not have your old provider service cancelled before installed Fizz.It took me 3 appointments to have the new internet installed and I don't blame Fizz but only the technicians who are always looking for easy peasy installations.
  • Whizz
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    Good day Stephanie,
    First of all, please accept my heartfelt excuses for the situation experienced.
    We understood very well your request and thus, we rescheduled an installation appointment for today, as you were informed via chat.
    I hope that everything will be fully functional starting with today and I can only count on your future cooperation.
    Best regards,
    Cristina Elena.
  • Yes, I had an excellent service.
    Maybe with the holidays + the 35$ special, they are being overwhelmed.
  • You can try to communicate with them by messanger and maybe that will solve your problem. Good luck!
  • I have found contacting Fizz support through chat has been fast and efficient. I had a similar issue to you but contacted them the morning of a visit and they were able to get me a quicker appointment on the fly. Trick is to be proactive on the chat and not wait for the appointment time to pass before complaining.
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