Could we have transcripts of voice mails sent into a text message?

With my previous provider, it is possible to avoid having to access the messaging system by having a reasonably fair (likely automated) transcript of voice mails sent into a text message. Isn't that a more efficient way (and more convenient one for me) to utilize system resources? Does that option exist or is being considered at Fizz?


  • Hi Ariane,
    This service isn’t available at Vidéotron this I don’t think it will be available for fizz either. Plus Vidéotron isn’t offering everything to fizz customers as they do to Vidéotron customers. When I was with Vidéotron, my voicemail had a limit of 25 messages and I had visual voicemail and it was a bit more customizable and I had VoLTE and VoWIFi. Neither of which is offered with fizz. Not the answer you wanted but that’s all we know so far
  • kk
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    unfortunately, this option does not exist at fizz.
    I really do not know why mobile operators would not make it standard to have voicemail available to check online in your account, and messages could be there too. That is useful when they do not have roaming outside of Canada/US.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Ariane,
    Thank you for letting us know your interest! We inform our the team so that will be taken into consideration during our future launches.
    Have a nice day.
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