Can the technician install a coax outlet in the room of my choice?

I just moved into a new and we don't have any coax outlet in the room where i want the modem to be. Will the technician install a coax outlet in the room of my choice? It's on the 2nd floor


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    Usually they do


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  • They usually come equipped with a lot of extra cable. But, will that be enough to get the modem where you’d like it? That is hard to predict. Hopefully
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    They can install the modem anywhere. However it makes sense to install it in central part of your home so that the wifi signal will be equally available to everyone..


    If you install it on the 2nd floor, the wifi signal in the basement will likely be very weak.


    The choice is yours. How about on the first floor below your room? Maybe you will still be able to use ethernet connection from your room.


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    They usually do!
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