Suspended line can't re-activate ...a week with no phone line. what will happen next ?

Darlene C.
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my phone was stolen while travelling and I filled out a form to suspend my line. Get back home, switched my sim card . 1 week after my line is still suspended because I didnt enter my imei in the original request. Will my line stay suspended forever ? when will it re-activate automatically ? Will I still get charged even if my line is suspended ? I ported out from Telus less then 2 weeks ago to come to Fizz . Will I lose my phone number forever ?


  • Whizz
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    Hello Darlene,
    Apologies for the long wait for this issue to be solved.
    I have verified your account and your mobile number has been reactivated now and your services should be fully functional. If you are still encountering issues with your mobile services, please do perform a quick power restart to your mobile device.
    Wish you the best.
    Have a lovely day!
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