Text message problems

Some times I get problems with txt messages.
I can text someone and it works fine. Then suddenly I get a text from them and after that ONE text I can no longer text with that person.
Things are fine and they suddenly I get a text saying:
"You have a message awaiting retrieval Click the button below to download it."
I press "download now"
It then says
"Your message is queued to be downloaded"
It never ever provides the text message after that.
Then if you look at your text messages again the first message shows up again:
"You have a message awaiting retrieval. Click the button below to download it".
Last time this was happening I talked to FIZZ forever, and they just claimed it was because they haven't "released" to the public full service things again...
So why is the problem happening again.


  • My APN is configured as you have said.
    I have a data plan that works.
    Still doesn't work.
  • MB, did you try turning off your WiFi temporarily? Check your APN settings carefully, a small typo will make it fail
  • Yes, I have all the settings right.
    (And as I said before fizz already checked that before they copped out saying - blame their unreleased network can't help you).
    Now today I've received 2 texts from people (with the same weird error message showing) who say they never texted me when I asked who they were.
    The are complete strangers, who I do not know, from a different province.
    they said their phone shows they didn't txt me, but my phone shows I received texts from them.
    Something weird is going on with texts suddenly...
  • and yes wifi is off
  • Whizz
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    Hello MB,
    Can you please reply to the last e-mail my colleague has sent you regarding the issue? Can you please also attach screenshots with the APN and specify the model of your phone in the e-mail along with a few mobile numbers with which you encountered the issue? Before that, if possible, please test with a different phone as well.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Have a good day.
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