Cancelling changes to plan after 16 October?

If I change my plan now I will get the stabilization price. But the changes to the plan will only come into effect after the end of my payment cycle which is in November. So what if I make a change to my plan now but decide to cancel that change after 16 October let's say on the 25th of October. Will that effect the price of my current plan? Since I technically made a sort of change to my plan but at the same time I didn't really change my current plan.


  • GOAT
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    Do not make any changes after the 15th of October!
  • jeedey
    jeedey Posts: 83
    You shouldn't be doing any changes after the 15th of October !
  • Whizz
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    Hello All,
    HEre you can find more info about the ending of the stabilization period.
    Attariyah, even if the change comes into effect after the end of the stabilization period, since you actually pplaced the order before the end, you will still have the lowered price.
    Have a good one!
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