Data is slowly

My data is loading very slowly, and there is often no signal. I would like to ask what is the problem?The number:**********


  • Yelena
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    I reported your post since it contains personal data. It is a public forum, therefore no personal data should be shared here.
    Did you check if your phone is compatible with Fizz network?
  • Sanjay
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    reset your phone to factory settings and retry
  • Mike
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    I report this post too.
    However, the speed is not constant for me too
  • Leifuer
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    reported too.

    Take care for personal information!

    You can contact Fizz for signal problem.
    And check your phone compability
  • Fizzy
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    What phone are you using? Have you tried restarting it?


    In order to narrow down the problem area, are you able to test the SIM card with another phone?

  • Whizz
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    Hello 子胜,
    I see that my colleagues were able to assist you through different channels. I hope everything is good now.
    Have an awesome day!
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