How to request refund?

I just order for internet modem and my SIM card for mobile, delivery status is sent but i dont have it I dont know where they put it and i dont have tine dealing with this shitty services. I want refund for both of my order SIM card and modem order. How do i do that?


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    Contact Fizz directly.

    If they are not available in the Chat bubble, try to contact them by Facebook message!

    Good luck!
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    Unfortunately SIM cards sometimes are lost.


    You need to contact Fizz support to straighten this out.

    Open this link during business hours

    and click on the green chat bubble (bottom right) to start a chat.


    On Fizz website, they do state:

    Fizz is 100% online.

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  • You need to contact support for that. Try with the chat or if you don't have time to stay at your computer, you can contact them by facebook messenger and you will be notified when they respond.
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    Hello @Benny,
    Regarding the refund for the sim card, I have forwarded the request for it to our dedicated team. As for the home internet, you will have to go to My plans- Manage plan- Appointments and cancel the installation order if you no longer want to test our services. Once the order is fully canceled, you will also be automatically refunded the full price for the order.
    Have a good day.
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