My apartment number is not showing on my address, how can I modify it?

I want to request a sim card, I already have internet with Fizz, but when selecting my address I don't see the apartment number. How can I update this information?


  • Mike
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    Strange if you have internet.
    If you live in montreal, does not make any different since the carrier will leave the SIM on your building door :(
  • Wissam K.
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    My address was wrong and is still wrong on fizz portal, and my internet is working just fine
  • Code_KRUEW
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    Have you tried updating your address using the Canada Post format for apartments? If your address is 1234 Main St, #401, you would change it to 401-1234 Main St.  More details here:

  • Irene
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    If you need a referral code, this is mine 5JATM. You will receive 25$ after 2 months, no bad.

    ps: The referral is valid when you create your plan.

  • Chris K. #7521
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    I can't see my apartment number on the Overview page either, but try clicking on Manage and you will see it there.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Stella,
    I see that you have been able to purchase a sim card and reached us through a different channel. I hope everything is well now.
    Have a great day!
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