What is Fizz technical support doing?

I was charged twice for the payment cycle beginning on September 2nd. 19 days larer, I am still waiting for the refund. In many instances, customer service tells me that technical support is working hard on it.
The last 4 billing cycles, I was charged every time for data upgrades. I finally got an email from Fizz claiming that the problem has been fixed.
Should I wait for another 4 months to get refunded for the double billing?
Is this Fizz best standard of customer service? Wow!


  • No idea why some account have all this nightmares, my wife had so many that she moved out, I don't have any but also because I haven't change anything in my plan (to scare to do that)
    I hope you get your problem fixed soon
  • Gates
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    I hope things settle for you quickly.
  • Fizzy
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    They are working on it!

    Hope you will get your refund before your next billing cycle.


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  • they make our network more stable
  • Kovid
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    After 2 months, I still didn't receive the refund for the double billing even though a ticket was initiated. At that point, I contacted customer service again and the rep decided to provide the refund but neither technical support nor the finance department resolved the ticket.
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