Can't reuse the referrals in my account after I added 2nd account and unsubscribe first account?

I had a temporary number in Fizz and get many referrals. Now I'm ok on Fizz and decide to port my real number into it. After 2nd number ported in and working. I canceled my old temporary number.
Now Fizz told me: "The referral bonuses on your account are applied only on your first activated mobile plan. Therefore, the referral bonuses won't apply anymore on your new plan."
???? Hi Fizz, are you serious on it? The referral bonus is for the ACCOUNT, not for the specific SIM card. If it's associated to the specific sim card. What's the point you allow multiple SIM in same account?


  • Mike
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    You are already a client, in order to use the referral, you need to open a new one
  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 19,248
    I did not read well you post, you should be able to change your second account in order to have it as principal. Try to contact again the support and ask the same question to a different agent.
  • Gates
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  • Maybe try a different number
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