Did fizz block my right to open new ticket?

Did fizz block my right to open new ticket?
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No it's not true at all. See screenshot below.
There are two problem in fact. First no 250m for August, 2nd WHERE IS MY MISSING addons for July and June ? NONE !!!
2nd problem is this data upgrade problem never been fixed since June, and fizz simply closed my tickets without doing anything.


  • It may be possible.
    Good luck !
  • So many bugs and complaints lately, I hear they close tickets quickly...have a new one created via Facebook chat..
    Good luck. Support is sometimes painful
  • M T. #338
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    I don't think so. There was a glitch in their system. It has happened in the past for different users.
  • Balaram
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    Try contacting them in another way.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Anne
    No, we don't deny the access to submit a contact form. If you still have issues with it, you could try in incognito more or from a different device after choosing a topic. Also, you could reply to one of your previous contact forms to which we have replied. Also, you could try to reach us by chat or Facebook Messenger for further investigations regarding your add-ons. For more about how to contact us, please check:
    Have a good day!
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