I am continuesly receiving a message that I missed one step or two?

Zhaleh Posts: 1
I have signed up for an internet plan, paid the cost of plan and I am waiting for your technician to come for installation. But, I am receiving repeatedly a message that You missed a step or two! , I can not understand which steps are missed.


  • Mohcine Q.
    Mohcine Q. Posts: 16
    Look at your bank account, was the payment accepted or rejected
  • Mike
    Mike Voici mon code de référence => K61CD <= Here my referral code => K61CD <=Posts: 19,162
    Probably you check again a plan, therefore, the system thinks that you want a new service.
    If you already have the appointment, do not consider the message
  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 10,259
    Hello Zhaleh
    I see that your appointment is scheduled for August 5th. If you receive erroneous notifications, do not consider them.
    Good day.
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