I try to enroll for the internet, my address is tag as a business witch is not from 2001?

I cannot talk to anyone (trying for the last hour)... the Chat bubble do not work and the web site is not user friendly nor intuitive. Being able to contact people for a new subscription problem is so basic yet not available at Fizz so far.
Not real impressed! let me know what you can do for me or what I can do for myself.


  • Mike
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    You should contact the support, they will help you out.

    If you need a referral code in order to have 25$ here is mine K61CD.

    You will receive on your 3rd payment.

    For me the chat is working.

    Go to this page https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us, if you are not connect login

    Wait 15 seconds for the bubble icon to appear at the bottom right of the browser and click on the icon to chat with support. Try a different browser if you have issues getting the bubble to appear.

    Your can also send a message via facebook messanger
    https://facebook.com/fizzca and click send a message (this is a bit slower)

    You can also fill a contact form from your account
    Once logged in, from the account panel go to My Profile -> Contact Form (the subject are limited) and fill out the form and someone will email you back.

  • Yelena
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    Before contacting the support you can try the following: sign up with desktop or laptop. If you are already doing so, try using another browser (such as chrome or firefox). Also try clearing cache/cookies and incognito mode.
  • Try reaching them by facebook messenger!
  • Whizz
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    Hi Gerald,
    I m sorry for you experience. You can always send us a message via Facebook Messenger, we will answer it as soon as we are able to. For the chat bubble Mike gave you the right answer. Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.
    Have a great day!
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