Why Fizz hire so many support who has no clue and no common sense? Is the referral system a joke ?

Here is my story.
I activated a sim and tried Fizz service for 2 months and get the $25 referral bonus. I was hoping Fizz can port my old number into this sim but was told Fizz can't (???, this is the only company who can't port number in current activated SIM). In 3rd month, I decide to use my real number, so I get other sim and port in. And I unsubscribe the test sim card since it's useless now.
In 4th month, instead of using my $25 referral bonus. Fizz charge my credit card.
When I asked, I was told (twice) Fizz referral bonus can only be used in MAIN LINE. I asked her, I only have one line is activated, what should I do to make it "main line". Then she changed words and said the referral bonus is only valid for the original plan (which is already unsubscribed).
I asked her: Isn't the referral associated with account, not the SIM card. She wait 5 minutes, must be asking her manager and come back told me the same nonsense.
I asked her to put my current line (the only line) as main line. Again, she spent other 10 minutes and told me she can't do it, she need a "special team" to be involved. I know these "special team" may need half year to do this simply job, so I told her I need share my experience with others in this Fizz community.
To some Fizz employee in this forum , please answer this questions:
Why I can't use my $25 referral credit in my account (original from a unsubscribed line, but now I only have one line active in this account, and from common sense, it's the MAIN LINE for this account).
For Fizz Managers, why Fizz waste money on these support people who has no knowledge at all? I remember it's the same Lousana who wasted my time when I activate the sim card a few months ago. She never learn and always clueless after she worked in this position for a few months . Never be able to answer any simple question straight. Everything I asked, need 5 mins or so she can look around to get answer.
It's time for Fizz management to knock down the whole support infrastructure and do from scratch !!!


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