Trying to change payment methods!!

I tried changing my payment methods from my current Mastercard to my new Mastercard, I keep getting an error saying the billing address did not match which is impossible because I wrote it exactly as it is registered on my credit card and I'm not an idiot, I know what my address is. I kept trying to add it and now I get an error saying that there are too many credit cards added to my account.. So I guess it's bugged from trying to add it too many times even though it failed. I assume I need to contact customer service now so that they reset that limit, but how will that help me when I keep getting the same billing address problem? At this point I think I am going to cancel my plan with Fizz and go elsewhere. Really annoyed as it shouldn't be a headache to simply change my payment method over!! Just happy I didn't finish my subscription to their home internet.


  • Contact support first to reset the limit. Then you can also check with them for the address. Fizz uses google maps and if your address is not an exact match of how google maps displays it (suggested address when you do a search), then it fails.
  • Same problem.. Its such a headache doing anything on the fizz site. Its like.a feable minded uncle
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