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BMO.com is it working for anyone else?

As the title says BMO.com not working on LTE but works ok wifi and same goes for the BMO app. It seems as though Fizz mobile subnet or a few addresses are blocked by BMO and a few companies. This happened to me about 5 months ago. Is anyone else able to browse to BMO.com using mobile data?


  • samisheikh
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    Sergio that works, as a workaround what I do is connect to home via VPN and use my home's internet to access BMO. What is even more weird is that Fizz home Internet doesn't have any of these issues so it is a few IP addresses on the Fizz mobile network that are either blacklisted or shows up as another country's IP. One of my friends who is with Fizz cell service, he is unable to access the application DAZN because it says it isn't available in the country(based on the IP address) but he can access it using Wifi or VPN to any IP address in Canada.
  • BeGood
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    Same here working No 1 with BMO App on fizz
  • woking well here
  • It looks like a routing issue on Fizz's side. I experienced a similar issue with my previous home internet provider. My wife needed to access a public health services website from the gov of Quebec and, for some unknown reason, my outgoing IP was flagged as an US IP address. The website blocked my request to connect to it. I had to use a VPN to mask my IP as a Canadian one for it to work. So, not even a month later, I switched for Fizz home internet as soon as I received an invitation for the Beta. That website is now available all the time now.
  • samisheikh
    samisheikh Posts: 184
    Can someone from Fizz weigh in on this??
  • TheDean
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    Quite bizarre.
    The 404 error we are receiving is being served by the BMO server, so FIZZ is able to connect to a server at bmo.com. Yet I only get the 404 when using FIZZ data. When I flip to Wifi, the page loads properly.
    My speculation is that the FIZZ DNS servers might be using old data, and the IP address returned for bmo.com is providing a valid address for a Web server, but whatever web server is being accessed is missing the resource that is being requested.
    Either that, or BMO is somehow directing traffic from the FIZZ network to a web server that isn't configured properly.
  • It’s working for me, however it seems to take a few seconds longer to log on compare to other sites.
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