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Usage on website issue?

I have an issue where none of my usage is showing and it's telling me that I have no data left.
Can you guys help me?


  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 6,451

    The website is definitely off. According to your screenshot, you have the $31.50 plan but you have no services.

    Can you clear browser cache/cookies, close browser and try the website again?

    If your phone services are working, it's only a display issue. Otherwise, contact Fizz support to fix this.

    Fortunately your plan is supposed to renew in a few days.

    @kingTheod, you need to notify Fizz support if there is a problem with your plan.

  • JOAO S.
    JOAO S. Posts: 10
    That interface has bugs. Please use your phone's estimate usage[1]. Its unfortunate that we still have this problem on a service provider that has a lot of revenue generated by data.
    [1]For example:
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