Why do you call this a community hub?

Paulesco Posts: 15 ✭✭
Why do you call this a community hub when all the questions and answers are reviewed by a fizz employee. We do not have to be in love with fizz. This hub is supposed to be a place where we share our experience using fizz network and you know what, my experience with fizz is déplorable.
Go cheap, go fizz. Hai ca m-am suparat pe sat.
Have a good one


  • GOAT
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    Great reply Whizz. Like I said, I don't think most people have a problem with the way things have been handled on this community.
  • Michael Y. #4007
    Michael Y. #4007 Posts: 6 ✭✭
    its a place where other Fizz member can share information and help one another out since they do not have a contact number we rely on each other in the "community hub"
  • Paulesco
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    Well,? watch out you will get lip wrinkles.
    You make me think that all the answers were given by fake accounts. Are you all trying to clean the image of the company or they washed your brains. WTF, not even one against the "party"? It's a kind of Twin Peaks.
  • Leifuer
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    To say a real community, I think in reddit there is a real one. Or not, maybe there are also employee there.

    In my opinion, here is called community is because this is easy to every Fizzer to ask and share their experience, no need to register another account in another website, since you have already one when subscibe to Fizz service.

    A perfect community depends on not only the employee, but more on ourselves, the USERS!
  • JOAO S.
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    Users sometimes reply adding information based on their experience, and fizz employees are also paid to reply as an added bonus, but no guarantee. This is becoming common nowadays is like a ' wikipedia style croudsourced' support.
  • Stéphane B. 10644
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    Can this thread be close ?
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