Can't order a SIM (also where's live chat gone)?

I've lost my SIM (now $10 apparently) and I'm trying to order another. After I give all info including credit card, and it shows $11.30, when I click to order it says "too many addresses" or something. I can't figure out how to fix this.
And isn't there supposed to be a Live Chat (or email) option to get support? I'm logged in but don't see it but maybe I'm in wrong place.


  • Irene W.
    Irene W. Posts: 2
    Thanks, so far FB is pretty responsive. I may try Live Chat tomorrow (if the discussion gets too complex for the post&wait method on FB). Glad to have two ways to do it.
  • hoomanvhd
    hoomanvhd Posts: 8
    if you can not see the chat box, you may use ad-blocker preventing from opening the chat box.
  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 13,851
    Hey @Irene,
    Happy to see you were able to contact us! Hopefully, your situation was resolved as well :)
  • Qaisar
    Qaisar Posts: 1
    Warum kann ich nicht mehr mit meinen SIM-Karte was kaufen mit Guthaben
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