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Why can’t i complete an order for an internet plan

Alexy M.
Alexy M. Posts: 2
Im trying to coplete an order for a internet subscription and i cant seem to be able to complete the order. My account is activated. We are doing the order with my fathers credit card wich is a different billing adress than my adress maybe it has to do with that? Also we did complete an order with this very card for a oneline sim card earlier today whats going on we also did try with two different credit cards


  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409

    I believe that the problem is that. Contact the support in order to help you out.



  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 7,846
    Hey Alexy,
    Can you give us more details...... is there an error message that you see?
  • Alexy M.
    Alexy M. Posts: 2
    We did everything then when was time for paiment confirmation two error message appeared in red and with a little notifocation bell symbol.one time out of the dozen we tried had an actuall message saying there was problem with the transaction. One time we did recive a message from the cerdit cads bank asking if the paiment should be allowed then we sait yes but nothing happened after that. This morning there was 9 pending transaction from fizz on my fathers credit card. Then we did talk to somone on the live chat, and saying that there was no transaction made but after we showed him a capture of the transactions he confirmed that there was some automatic refunds in the system yet the transaction are still pending on the credit card and he said he would port the problem to the team we are now awaiting a confirmation e-mail. To clear it up yes it was a master card
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