Can't access details of My Rewards Program ?

If I click on "See details" button of "My Rewards Program", I have a waiting circle cursor but the page never appear. Does anyone have the same problem ?


  • JOM
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    On my end everything is working fine, I can see My Rewards Program when I click on See details. It might just be a bug on your browser you are using. Try close restart page, clear cache or change web browser.
  • Mike
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    I was not able to open it, I opened a ticket in order to solve this problem and after a week I was able to open it again
  • Fizzy
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    You can try using another browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

    Clearing cache, deleting cookies and using incognito mode may also help.

  • Mike
    Mike Voici mon code de référence => K61CD <= Here my referral code => K61CD <=Posts: 19,161
    For me was on their side
  • JFL
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    I got the support on chat and like the usual, they can't do anything but open a ticket:

    ------ chat transcript
    R 09:40 I verified your account and I saw the issue which you encountered I just escalated this situation to our specialized team for more investigations. I assure you that you will be informed via e-mail when we get an answer. I hope to be resolved within shortest time possible.

    JFL 09:41 Ok thanks, in the mean time, is it possible for you to activate the 1GB perk ?

    R 09:41 Unfortunately I am not able to do it because I don't have access to do it

    I hope it is going to be less than a week.
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