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Not recieving SMS from US numbers?

It's been 3 -4 days now, I can't receive txt/sms on either of my accounts(sending works fine, they receive my txts), both with the US+Canada plans, from friends on different carriers, so it's not an issue with one particular US carrier. Everything else is working, anyone else having issues?


  • Irene
    Irene Posts: 1,308

    You should contact the support, you are not the first one with this problem



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  • Pace
    Pace Posts: 2
    Same here, I just noticed I'm not receiving SMS authentication codes I usually get while trying to login to different services outside canada. But SMS with a local friend seems to be ok.
  • Authentication codes still seem to have issues, however people sending messages seems to work. I'd send a message to support about this.
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